About Company

PE "Contact" - stone-working company. And we, as professionals, use and also offer high-quality tools and equipment. Among the products we offer: diamond segments for soldering to the saws, diamond blades, polishing tool, stone splitting machines, pressing machine, line, multi blades cutting machine, edging machines, milling cutter, tools for profiling processing granite, marble, sandstone, quarry equipment and tools (mobile rock drill, pneumatic tools, pneumatic rock drill (Y-24, Y-28), hammers, wire-sawing machines, bore barbells, crowns, head for drilling, wedges for splitting blocks), machines for cutting vases, balusters, bush hammer natural face machine.

We offer diamond segments are very high quality: 1) "quadrature" - which give high speed of the cutting and middle production, 2) the "economy" - which give middle cutting speed of the cutting and very high production (on solid granite, the disc diameter 1,6 m cuts the 600-650m2).

At this stage we are representatives of a producer stone splitting equipment, which concentrates only on the hydraulic machines. It is very important in this case, the specialization of the producer, because to establish a high stable quality cutters, multi blades cutting machine, edging and polishing lines and stone splitting machine very difficult. Our stone splitting machine have high stable quality and low prices.

Also in great make use of multi blades cutting machine for cutting blocks on the tiles, as they provide a low cost, high quality and very high production. Including the popular multi blades cutting machine console type for 10-18 discs and bridge type - more quick and more production.

Edging machines proposed by us, have very high speed and accuracy of the work that is provided by a NC machines to infrared sensors, magnetic rulers, etc. Great be in demand edging machines for disk 1000mm, which are universal (for cutting slabs and tiles and for cutting border, pedestals, procurement, etc.). This is provided  by easy replacement of the cutting disks necessary diameter.